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ProjeQtOr Roadmap
This instance of ProjeQtOr contains the roadmap of the product.
You'll find all tickets recorded from requests in the forum.
They as sorted as "Anomaly / Bug" or "Evolution" and planned on a version.
You can see the roadmap in the reports, version by version.
How to connect
You can connect as guest / guest.
To support subscribers
If you subscribed to the professional support, you received a personal account to connect.
Use this one as it will allow you to directly create tickets to record your requests, including questions. These requests will be recorded in your project, so they will be private to your company.
Need an evolution ?
Remember that you can sponsor an evolution in the roadmap, to have it included in the next version. Just contact us through the contact page on the website (include ticket number for quick identification of the subject).

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